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Weekly Technology Podcast - Episode 2

Facebook People Search Engine Is Live for Outsiders
Non Facebook members can use the public search box on Facebook's home page to find friends who may have public profiles on Facebook and contact them.
Download Your Favorite Blogs and Websites for Offline Reading
Webaroo then creates an offline copy of the site that you can browse or search as if you are connected. Based on your settings, Webaroo periodically checks the original web pages for modification and if there are any, the software automatically updates the local cache.
Share Your Favorite Webpages on Social Bookmarking Sites
Shareaholic make it extremely easy for you to share web pages on the popular social websites - just right click over any webpage and select your favorite bookmarking service from the Firefox contextual menu where you want to share that page.
Yahoo! Mail Better Than Google GMail or Hotmail
Walt Mossberg of WSJ says that the new Yahoo! Mail is better than Google email and the new Windows Live Hotmail.
Increase Google Adsense Income with Simple but Effective Tweaks
Use Google Adsense Sandbox to see image and Flash ads that are likely to appear on your web pages for visitors from different countries across the world.
How to Find Email Addresses of People Who Plagiarize Content
If the person is blogging under an alias (say "PeterCool008") - search for that term on Google. It's very likely that he has used the same alias when registering on other web forums and social networking websites.
Microsoft Attorneys Knock the Door of Windows AutoPatcher
Microsoft announced XP SP2 in August 2004 and have have released hundreds of security updates and hotfixes since then.
The Most Time Saving Firefox Features That We Often Overlook
Open any website in Firefox that you love and press Ctrl+D to bookmark the site. Now scroll to that website name in Firefox Bookmarks menu, right click and select Properties. Type any text in the Keyword field and click OK.
Should You Enable Adsense Whitelist (Allowed Sites Option) ?
With Adsense Whitelist in place, you miss an opportunity to monetize this indirect traffic though the visitors will still see Google ads on your web pages, advertisers will be charged by Google but the Adsense revenue won't be shared with you.
Keep All your Office, Home and Notebook Computers in Sync
Your goal is to sync the data (music, documents, photos, etc) scattered across multiple computers or even directly access files stored on computer A from computer B.