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Want to do More With Firefox? Get The New HyperWords

Say you are reading a blog or website inside Firefox and encounter some name (or an unknown term) that you would like to explore deeper.

You will probably visit Wikipedia to read more about that person and search Flickr or Google Images for some photos. And if the text on the webpage is not in your native language, you'll copy paste that into Babel or Google Translate.

Is that the way to work on the internet ? Well, that's a perfect approach but a bit inefficient. Enter HyperWords that lets you do all this and more without you having to visit any other site - the information will be fetched right in your current webpage with a simple click.

firefox hyperwords demo

With HyperWords, you can select any plain text on the web page and do some amazing things - say you choose Flickr or Google Images from the context menu and it will show you the best matching picture in the menu itself. Same for Wikipedia entries.

The best part is about translation - you select a text and HyperWord will do inline translation meaning the actual text on the webpage will be replaced with the translate version. And it's fast.

If you have never heard of HyperWords for Firefox before, download it now and you'll love it. If you are an old HyperWords fan, get the new version 3.0 which is still in beta but adds some very useful features.

Sorry IE and Opera users, you'll miss this. Watch the HyperWords demo video below and visit to install the extension.