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Remove Callouts and Arrow Markers in Google Maps Screenshots

When you search Google Maps for an address or driving directions, Google Maps shows you the address location with a colored arrow marker and a callout window that has links to driving directions, photographs, review and more.

If you were to take a screen capture of Google Maps without these arrows and callout information window, here's a tip:
To just hide the Callout window, click anywhere on the Google Map outside the arrow marker. To bring that information window back, click the arrow marker again.
To remove both the marker and callout window forever from the screen, right click over the arrow and select "clear search results" from the onscreen popup menu.
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Caution: Google Policy says that you must get written permission from Google to reuse any images (instructive or illustrative screenshots) from Google Maps and Google Earth as they do not own the copyright to all of the imagery or information supplied on these platforms.