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Manage Multiple Accounts on the Web Without Logging Off

Do you have several accounts on GMail but dislike logging off from one account to check emails in another account. For instance, you and your wife use the home computer for checking emails and one has to log off before the other person can log-in. (See: GMail Multiple Sign-in)

Or do you want to use Google Web Search anonymously without them recording your search habits. But at the same time, you want to remain logged into other secure Google services like Google Notebook, Blogger or GMail.

If answer to any of the above is yes, you will love CookieSwap Firefox extension. Most websites use Cookies to store your login information and you can have just one cookie per website per web browser but with CookieSwap, you can maintain multiple cookie profile and switch between them in a click.

You can create a profile that logs into your Gmail account but when you want to Google, just switch the profile. You stay logged into GMail but with still anonymously surf on Google.

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