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Sync Facebook Photos with Microsoft Outlook Contacts

If some of your Microsoft Outlook contacts are also Facebook friends, you will find OutSync pretty useful.

OutSync takes the profile photos of your friends from Facebook and adds them to the matching entries in your Microsoft Outlook Contacts List. The utility also lets you to selectively update Outlook contacts.

Update: OutSync is no longer active but you can use Yahoo Mail to export email address of Facebook Friends which you can then import into Outlook using CSV format.

You can then sync Outlook with your mobile phone and see photos of your friends appear during calls instead of the plain text names.

OutSync works with Outlook 2003 or 2007. It was originally written by Mel Sampat, a Program Manager in the Windows Mobile team at Microsoft.

The main benefit of OutSync is for users who sync their smartphones with Exchange or Outlook. Updated contacts are copied to your iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android or BlackBerry devices, and their photos appear during phone calls.

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