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FeedBurner Ads Losing Charm Ever Since Google Acquired Them

FeedBurner RSS Income

Like Google Adsense, FeedBurner Ads Network (FAN) never had a problem finding advertisers and their payout is pretty high - some ad campaigns on Computer & Technology channel can cost advertisers up to $10 CPM (FeedBurner's share is 35%).

And while Adsense is only for websites, FAN lets you monetize web content as well as RSS feeds.

But there's a small problem - you may have a good RSS subscriber base and dozens of advertisers may be running campaigns on your site / feed, that may not always translate into revenue.

In the graph, the red line shows the average number of RSS subscribers of this blog in the last 12 months while the blue line depicts the advertising revenue generated by FeedBurner each month.

As you can see, the site traffic + RSS subscriber base has increased and there are around 10-12 active ad campaigns all this time but the advertising income from FAN is constantly headed south, more so in the last 3-4 months and that's exactly the period when FeedBurner became part of Google.

Can that just be a coincidence?

Unfortunately, there are still no good alternative to FeedBurner for monetizing RSS feeds. Let's hope Google makes this service attractive as before (for Publishers, from the monetization point of view).

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