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Create Videos from Photos and Screen Captures - QlipBoard

QlipBoard is free application that lets you create movies from photos and screenshot images. The interesting part is that QlipBoard has an in-built screen capture feature and voice recorder.

The images (or screen captures) appear in the timeline of QlipBoard (like most other video editors) so you just have to drag-n-drop to change the position of any image frame in the timeline. Further, you can easily record voice narrations, annotate or add text to images.

screen capture movies

And all your pen highlighter movements over the screenshot are recorded as part of the movie itself - so as you speak and move the cursor pen over the image, the exact movements are captured by Qlip Board.

You may think of QlipBoard as a blend of Microsoft Photostory # and SnagIt. The free version of QlipBoad is supported by advertising.

Overall, the software interface is not very intuitive but the application is still useful for creating screencast movies, photo slide shows or for annotating images.

Get QlipBoard at [Thanks Murali at Hindu]

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