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Countries Where Web 2.0 and Blogging Craze is Popular

Wondering which countries in the world have the largest number of people following the Web 2.0 and blogging phenomenon. We can get some good pointers indirectly by looking at the traffic of TechCrunch, CNET (for tech, Web 2.0) and ProBlogger (for Blogging).

People who enjoy the latest innovations in the world of web 2.0, tech start-ups and blogging are very likely to be following these sites.

Recently, this widely-read trio embedded the new mapping widget that displays, in real time, their recent site traffic on a World Map. It was used only on one of their pages but still, it's a fairly good indicator of their traffic per country.

Here's a recent snapshot from each of their widgets suggesting the bulk of tech & blogging crazy users is concentrated in North America, Europe, Australia and South / South-East Asia. Russia, China and Africa are not active in these maps probably because these sites primarily cater to English speaking audiences.

TechCrunch Visitors:


CNET Visitors:


Problogger Visitors:


Rafe Needleman adds: I have a love/hate relationship with widgets like, Feedjit and MyBlogLog. Site managers who are thinking of adding these need to be aware that they can expose information about traffic and users to the general public.