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Blogger Play and Bloglines Wall of Images

Blogger Play is a self-running slideshow of photographs recently uploaded on Blogspot blogs. Other than the image, you also get to read a short excerpt of the accompanying blog post and the profile of the blogger. Excellent implementation.

Bloglines offers a similar feature called Image Wall but that's not limited to Blogger Photos - they show recent images from virtually all blogs that are indexed by Bloglines.

blogger slideshow images

A small concern with such projects is that you are never too sure about stuff that may appear on your screen. While Blogger Play is only showing images from blogs that satisfy the SafeSearch criteria, Bloglines Image wall sources images from the entire space and therefore not recommended for family viewing.

Will your photos appear in the Blogger slideshow ? If your blog on Blogger is listed as public, any image you upload to your Blogger account may be added to the Blogger Play queue.

Wishlist - They should offer categories in Blogger Play - say someone wants to see a slideshow of photos that where uploaded on blogspot blogs only related to Gadgets or Cooking or something else. That would make this project all the more interesting.

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