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Amanda Congdon - The Perfect Match for Mobuzz TV

amanda congdon feed tshirt

Amanda Congdon, the famous vlogger who joined ABC News after her split with Rocketboom, is now moving out of ABC as well.

There are two versions of the story - some say that Amanda has been let go by while Amanda says that she herself decided not to continue at ABC as she is taking up a new digital project after her ABC contract expires.

The excellent MobuzzTV, an English video blog similar to RocketBoom, are also looking for an anchor ever since the departure of Karina Stenquist. Susan Hickey then stepped in but for a very brief period. The most recent episodes were anchored by Anil De Mello who is infact the producer of the show.

[Imagine Andrew Baron acting in Rocketboom while Joanne Colan is away]


Am not sure about the latest assignment of Amanda but MobuzzTV looks like a perfect place for her. The show is massively popular (Alexa says that MobuzzTV has a higher reach on the web than RocketBoom) and the format is quite similar to what Amanda has been doing for years - it's a short 2-3 minute tech video produced daily.