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Unresolved Questions on Message Board - Can You Please Help?

question answersThese are some questions on the message board that are awaiting solutions. Can you please assist here? You can either add your replies to the message board or just leave a comment here. Thanks.

Cannot Run Windows Software on MacBook
Louise Normandin bought a MacBook with BootCamp and VMware-Fusion but he's not able to run any Windows software except Firefox.

Show Sales Data for Cities on a Google Map
Pavanaji is looking for a simple solution to put his sales data on a Google Map. Managers can click the city pins on Google Maps to see the sale figure for that region.

Google Apps EMail Bouces
A reader is using Google Apps + GMail for his personal domain. He cannot send or receives emails via AOL but it works perfect with Yahoo! and Hotmail. His Google Apps MX records look correct.

YouTube and Orkut Banned in Browser by Virus
"YouTube is banned" - Aarohi got this strange error in his browser while trying to access Turned out that problem was a virus/worm called heap41a. [Resolved after system restore]

Google Adsense Income and Service Tax
There's some confusion if service tax is to be paid in India on online income made through selling Google Ads on your blog. My CA is pretty sure that Adsense income does not fall under the Service Tax net but there's definitely some confusion. What's your take?

Printing Business Cards in India
Vaibhav Pandey is looking for an online service in India that can print and design business cards for him. Do you know of any service here?