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TWiT or Revision3 - Which Tech Podcast Network Is More Popular

leo-laporteAdario Strange recently wrote that Leo Laporte's "This Week in Tech" network is less popular that Revision3 - his argument was based on analytics data from

Revision3, started by Kevin Rose of Digg, has recently been at the center of attention with Om Malik starting a weekly talk show on Rev3 and rumors circulating that Patrick Norton may be leaving DL.TV [Ziff Davis] to join Revision3.

Leo Laporte is obviously not happy and labels Compete data even less credible than Alexa numbers. Leo reveals that over 2 million TWiT podcasts are downloaded by listeners each month. [Similar download stats are not available for Revision3.]

I regularly download podcasts from TWiT(net@nite, MacBreak, this WEEK in TECH) and Revision3 (PixelPerfect, InDigital) - both the podcast networks are producing shows that are exceptional in production quality as well as content.

But I rarely visit either of these websites because the media files are available right inside the RSS feeds - I just have to drag the episode links from the newsreader to the download manager.

Am sure thousands of other listeners are like me who subscribe and regularly listen to podcast content but rarely visit the actual website. If yes, Compete or Alexa data can never give the right picture about a podcast show's popularity because their analytics data are based on page views - they cannot track "behind the scenes" activity where the interaction is done via the RSS feed and not the website.

That said, does it really matter who is more popular or has more subscribers ? Listening to a podcast is not like visiting a restaurant - you have dinner in one and then won't even peep inside another restaurant. With podcasts, we have a big appetite and are happy subscribing to multiple podcasts as long as the content is relevant and interesting. It can be from Revision3 or TWiT or both.

Why compare stuff when there are no real stats available.

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Other than TWiT, I also enjoy watching Textra (Natali Del Conte) and Buzz Out Loud (Molly Wood & Tom Merritt).