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Turn Your Printer and Scanner into a Copier Machine

Got a printer and scanner but no Xerox copy machine? With no effort, you can combine the printer and scanner to build your personal digital photocopier machine and make copies of your documents at the click of a button.

This is possible through iCopy, a free software utility that combines the scanner and printer into a versatile copier that requires no installation - you can even run the iCopy software from a USB drive.

Here's how iCopy works - you insert the document / paper inside the scanner, enter the number of copies that you want and hit the big blue copy button.

iCopy also provides you control over the image settings and quality so that the final document copies consume less ink during print. It works with all printers and any TWAIN-compatible scanner (nearly all scanners are TWAIN compatible).

iCopy Photocopier software is available at