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Send Documents To Mobile Phones through SMS: Cloud Print

HP CloudPrint is a web service for sending documents via cellphones as SMS codes instead of the standard email route. You don't have to manually convert documents to PDF, upload them anywhere or send email attachments - CloudPrint takes care of everything.

You send the document(s) to your friends, colleagues or mobile workforce from your desktop as an SMS message and they can download or print the file as PDF on any computer worldwide. Sounds confusing?

Update: HP Cloud Print is no longer available but you can use Google Cloud Print or even the free Dropbox service to print documents from mobile phones.

Step 1: I opened this Google Alerts Tutorial page in IE and printed it using CloudPrint. The software asked asked my cell number and also the phone numbers of intended recipients.

Step 2: HP CloudPrint converted the web page to a PDF file in the background and automatically uploaded it to some HP server - the conversion and upload part is totally transparent to the end user. All you get is a message with the secret document code that was sent as an SMS to the recipients.

Step 3: Your friends and team members will receive the document code as an SMS. They can type their mobile phone number and the document code on HP website and can immediately download the file as PDF.