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Lot of News to Catch Up On? Mark Everything As Read and..

mark rss reader read I am partially offline during the weekends - just check my email but the newsreader client is turned off.

So when I fire the RSS reader on Monday mornings to catch up with the lost news, it shows few hundred unread articles waiting for attention and it's virtually impossible to deal with so much content.

Do you ever face a similar dilemma ? If yes, here's a very simple two-step solution to help you reduce RSS fatigue:

Step 1: Open the root folder of your RSS reader, right click and select "Mark All Feeds As Read" - you'll feel so much happy and relieved.

Step 2: Next open the following sites in your web browser so that you don't miss anything important or interesting:

» Scobleizer Shared Items - The most well known blogger and videographer in the Silicon Valley is also an avid blog reader.

Robert Scoble probably reads every blog on the planet that even has 1% interesting content and he will religiously share each and every story on his Google Reader linkfest blog that's worth a read. It's like Scoble doing all the hard work of filtering the best content for you. Highly Recommended. RSS

» Techmeme River - When you have to quickly catch up on missed content, you'll find this Techmeme river of news view also very helpful - it's the same Techmeme but in a different and more attractive costume.

Unlike the main site that shows what's hot in the blogosphere at any given moment, Techmeme River shows all the hot stories and headlines arranged in reverse chronological order just like any blog. [Paging Gabe Rivera, please give Techmeme River an RSS feed.]

Just a note, the sites listed here will only satisfy the appetite of people who are hungry for the latest Technology and Silicon Valley news.