Google News Offers a Solution to Deal With Bad Press

If some online newspaper or prominent blog site that's indexed by Google News has published a bad review of your company or product, Google now offers you a chance to respond and share your side of the story with the world.

Your comments will be linked alongside the normal media coverage of the story on Google News Website as you can see in the case of Pfizer's new HIV drug story below:


Unlike blog comments where anyone can leave comments, Google News will open comments only for people or organizations who are mentioned or directly involved in the story.

Your comment will be available in Google News for the usual 30 days, and it’ll be associated with the story it was in response to. It may later be made available through the Google News Archive.

If you have been covered in some news article indexed by Google News, you can send in your comments here to get them posted on Google News. Your identify will be verified by Google by contacting your organization, contacting local officials, or collaborating with journalists.

Some Google News comment examples are here and here. Comments FAQ.  Thanks Philipp and Google News Blog.

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