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Blogging Software Screenshots with SnagIt Gets Simple

wordpress screen capturePopular screen capture program SnagIt (review) can now also be used as a one-click blog editor.

TechSmith today introduced free blogging outputs for SnagIt that makes it extremely easy to add screen captures to your blog posts.

You capture any part of the desktop screen with SnagIt and publish that image to WordPress directly from SnagIt without having to save the screen capture to a separate local file.

The new blogging accessories aren't just for uploading images - they also let you include rich formatted text to your blog posts. Blogging with SnagIt is possible on WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal and Movable Type blogs.

In my test post from SnagIt to WordPress, the software had issues publishing the post but it still uploaded the screen capture to WordPress Images directory and also saved that test post to Drafts.

TechSmith Accessories | Video Tutorial

blogging screen capture