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Blip.TV Much Better Than YouTube for Uploading Videos Online

compare youtube blip tv Back in December, we carried a detailed comparison of vs YouTube for uploading video content on the web. won over YouTube by a huge margin because Blip supported most video formats, had no limitation on file sizes and maintained the original video quality unlike YouTube which resize clips to 320x240.

While YouTube uses Flash 7 (Sorensen Spark codec), most other sites encode using On2 VP6 codec of Flash 8 which results in more sharp video.

The current issue of PC World has a detailed comparison of almost all popular video sharing websites and has emerged as a clear winner again - it beats YouTube in video quality, audio quality, video encoding speed and the wide screen Flash video player that makes watching videos all the more fun.

Infact, YouTube also lost the race to Brightcove, Revver, Veoh and Microsoft SoapBox. While none of these sites have the millions of eyeballs like YouTube for your videos to go viral, when it comes to video quality and speed, most of them fared bared that YouTube in the comparison.

So if you want to embed high-quality video content with your readers (especially screencasts with text), is the way to go. They even offer advertising with a 50/50 split. And not just video clips. Blip is also a recommended destination for uploading MP3 music and podcasts.

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