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Is a search site like Google China or is it a warez search engine linking only to underground sites that distribute pirated software?

For instance, if you search for "Photoshop CS3" on Baidu, the top 3 results will point to illegal sites where the software is available as a free download. Adobe China website, a site that should ideally have been at the top of search results, is way below at number six.

You'll have similar experiences with other very expensive software like "AutoCad 2008", "Google Earth Pro", "Camtasia Studio", "3DS Max", "Maya", etc.

In case of Dreamweaver, the Adobe website never made it to the Baidu front page of results. Instead, what you see at the bottom of the results page are query suggestions to help you find serial numbers of other Adobe Software like Illustrator, Flash CS3, Indesign, etc using Baidu.

With such high levels of software piracy in China, it's no big surprise that Baidu is the seventh most popular website on the Internet according to Alexa.