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Yahoo! to Rival Adsense with Tyroo Ads, Jajah Now in India

Interesting picks from India Inc.

Yahoo! Enters Pay-Per-Click Advertising Market in India with Tyroo

Yahoo! India today picked up a 35% stake in yahoo tryrooTyroo, a non-contextual Cost-Per-Click advertising program that is primarily focused on Indian website publishers.

This could mean some good news for thousands of bloggers and site owners in India who were looking for alternatives to Google Adsense - Yahoo! will possibly leverage it’s existing sales and marketing resources to bring more publishers and advertisers into the Tyroo program - that means more ad inventory and more ad revenue.

Jajah Enters India to Offer Cheap International Phone Calls

The popular Jajah “click to call” service has finally set foot in India. Jajah allows you to make or receive cheap long distance and international phone calls using the conventional landline or mobile phones sans the computer or internet.

Type in your phone number on the JAJAH website and the phone number of the person you wish to reach – JAJAH will connect the two numbers seamlessly. Invitation Link.

Microsoft OneNote vs EverNote

Which is your favorite software for taking notes and web clippings. Read this detailed comparison on EverNote and OneNote - Try to organize your life with any of these wonderful software and you’ll play a big role in saving trees.