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Why Carrying a Laptop With Long Battery Life Makes Sense..

waiting train station aloneWhat do you do in a situation when you are stranded on a railway station, the next train is couple of hours away, it's biting cold and there's no shelter at the station to save you from the chill?

You can either shiver and wait for the next train to arrive or if you are smart like Lee, switch on the laptop in full brightness mode and start the Windows disk defragmentation program - that will generate even more heat from the system to keep you warm and comfortable. Craig writes:

As he shivered on the platform Lee had an idea.  He turned the brightness up to full and kicked of a defrag on his LS800 and stuffed it inside his jacket - as a heater!  With the extended battery on it there was more than enough juice to keep Lee mildly warm until the next train. 

So if ever you find yourself stranded on a train platform at two in the morning - make sure you have a tablet to stuff into your jacket! [Warning]

Read the full account on Craig Pringle's blog. Thanks Kevin.

Tips: Make your Notebook Battery Last Longer

LS800 from MotionComputing is a ultra-mobile Tablet PC that weight just 2.2 pounds and can easily slip inside the pocket of your coat or jacket. Though it's the smallest Tablet PC in the market, it's also famous for generating lot of heat at the base - a negative that turned into an advantage for Lee.

While the normal battery life of LS800 tablet PC is around 3 hours, the Extended Battery doubles the battery life. The system is warm-swappable meaning you don't have not have restart to change a battery. Just put the system into stand-by, swap the battery, and reactivate the system.