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Vizu Answers Maybe Running Public Service Ads That Are Unpaid

Vizu Answers [detailed review] is an advertising network that helps you monetize blog content by running interactive polls.

Unlike the standard text link ads or banner advertising where visitors click the advertiser's URL and leave your website, Vizu Polls are in-place meaning visitors continue to stay on your web page even after participating in the poll.

vizu polls adsense But before you jump the bandwagon, there's one important thing you should know - if Vizu cannot find advertisers to run paid polls on your website, they will run in-house demographic polls (like what's your household income) and content polls (like would you buy an iPhone ?) that are unpaid very similar to the Public service ads of Google Adsense.

This news might surprise some of the existing Vizu Answers' Publishers who thought every research poll served by Vizu is generating revenue. These unpaid polls, which act as a filler when paid ad inventory is unavailable, were recently introduced by Vizu and are turned on by default for all publishers.

The not so exciting part is that you cannot turn off or disable serving of the demographic polls. Am not sure if Vizu publishers were separately informed of this policy change via email.

Vizu takes fifty percent (50%) of the net revenue generated from the polls. You are likely to find paying advertisers only when you set the CPM rates extremely low. In any case, I would recommend disabling Content polls by editing your individual zone settings else you'ld be wasting precious screen estate on your website for largely irrelevant polls.