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Decrease the Boot Time of your Window PC

Does your Windows computer takes ages to boot up ? Here are some very simple "speeding tips" to reduce the Windows startup time:

Step 1: Remove program entries from your start-up programs list that no longer exist. Occasionally, uninstalling a program from the system does not remove its entry in the startup list, so that when the computer starts -up, it tries to load a program that does not exist.

Step 2: Defrag your hard-drive - When you start up your computer, Windows automatically starts up a number of applications. If these startup applications are fragmented, your computer's startup process will be slower. Therefore you may improve your computer's startup time with the regular use of disk defragmenter.

Step 3: Get Soluto for Windows. During the bootup process, Windows may try to load all programs listed in the startup folder simultaneously which could adversely affect the startup time. Soluto lets you decide the load order of various programs in the startup menu and you may also delay the loading of individual programs.

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