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Smart Pricing and Multiple AdSense Accounts With Different Names But Same Address

Google Adsense Long Tail I had an interesting conversation today with the Adsense support team regarding Smart Pricing and opening multiple Adsense accounts. Here's a summary:

One Adsense Account Per Physical Address

AdSense publishers in certain countries (like India) can have only one Adsense account per physical address. For instance, if any of your family member creates a new website, they will have to use your existing Adsense account to monetize the site - Google will not accept Adsense applications from individual who have the same postal address as yours.

Maybe this rule is not applicable in all countries but if you're based in India, never create multiple Adsense accounts for the same postal address. Here's an excerpt from the Adsense rule book:

Multiple accounts held by the same individual or entity are subject to immediate termination unless expressly authorized in writing by Google (including by electronic mail).

I was searching a popular Adsense forum and saw the following questions which probably hint why Google has such a rule in place:

Q1: Can I open second account in GOOGLE ADSENSE after being banned?

Q2: I'm Legitimate and Google Banned my Adsense Account- So how can i create another Adsense account.

Smart Pricing Remains a Concern

If you share your Adsense account with your family member who has just launched a new website, there are chances of of getting smart priced. Here's a reply from the Adsense representative when I raised some concerns related to smart pricing:

I'm sure you know that Smart Pricing affects on an account level rather than affecting a particular website, based on it's performance.

Your website is an established blog, with quality traffic, and the chance of it getting Smart Priced is very low.

However, if you associate a new blog with your account, there is no guarantee on how it is going to perform, and based on that your account may or may not get Smart Priced.

Please factor in both these points, before you make a decision. If you are confident that the new blog will be akin to yours i.e. it will have great content, have quality traffic, and as a web property, it will be beneficial to our advertisers, then chances of it being threatened by Smart Pricing are very low.

As an Adsense publisher, you'll never know if the Adwords advertiser is getting the expected ROI for ads that show up on your site. Adsense numbers like eCPM, CTR or CPC are no indicators of Ad performance. So it's kind of a gamble but a consoling factor is that smart pricing is re-evaluated every week or so.

Would you comment about your experiences on sharing the same Adsense account across multiple web properties ? Did you ever feel the Adsense Smart Pricing effect ?

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The picture shows the Google Adsense team with the Long Tail dragon costume for Halloween - Google's AdSense team honors its advertisers and the publishers who host its ads; they are the epitome of the long tail - Credit