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Screen Sharing with File Transfer Inside CrossLoop

Crossloop, an extremely simple yet powerful software for sharing desktop screens, just got better. [If you ever wanted to fix mom's computer over the internet, all you need is CrossLoop.]

The new release of CrossLoop 1.10 has added a file / folder transfer feature allowing participants to transfer multiple files (and folders) of any size across computers via the CrossLoop interface.

[Say some issue on mom's computer is related to corrupt or missing .dll files, just transfer them through CrossLoop - no need to wait for email attachments or third-party sites like YouSendit.]

If the connection breaks during the file transfer, CrossLoop will remember files that have already been transferred and skip them when the connection is re-established.

The new CrossLoop has a view mode that will disallow the participant computer from gaining control over the keyboard / mouse of the host computer. Alternatively, the host can swap roles and become the attendee himself in one click.

CrossLoop is only available for Windows. Though the new  Crossloop release will work with the previous version, both parties need the latest version 1.10 is in order to use the above features.

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