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Save Any Blogger Blog as a PDF Document

There are several advantages of saving a blog website as a PDF file - you can read the blog posts offline, text search in PDF is very fast when compared with web search and above all, PDF will act as backup copy of your Blogger blog posts preserving even the blog images.

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To publish any blogspot blog into a PDF document (for free), we'll use a service called Blog2Print which is actually meant for converting blogger blogs into printed books - type the blog address, select all blog posts or the dates of the entries that you would like to include in the book, and choose whether the posts should appear in reverse-chronological or chronological order.

Though Blog2Print is a paid service, it generates a PDF preview copy of the selected blog entries that opens up inside the web browser - you just have to save this PDF file from the browser's cache to your hard drive. 

Internally, the Blog2Print services using the Blogger Data API requesting blog posts created or updated in a given date range. Blogger feeds are generally public so querying them does not require authentication.

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