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Room Wallpapers Created from Your Favorite Pictures

room wallpaper

Want to decorate your room walls with some personal pictures ? Better Wallpapers is a UK based company that will convert any of your scanned or digital photographs into a full size personalized wallpaper that will stick to the walls of your room like any other wallpaper.

Create Large Wall Posters from Your Images

You can upload an image online and they'll email you a proof - you approve it and the final wallpaper arrives in the next 10 days. The image will be enlarged to fit the size of your wall and they promise a 7 year non-fade guarantee.

The service isn't cheap however. A 1m x 1m wallpaper will cost around £100.00 and the delivery cost will shoot if you are outside the UK. And before you order a custom room wallpaper, make sure the picture resolution is high enough else it'll appear pixelated. [Thanks Andrew]

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