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Record Replay all your Computer Activity Like a Movie

Ever wondered how did you spend all the day on your PC? Wilfing? SnapLogger can help you here.

SnapLogger is like a digital camera for your desktop in continuous-shooting or burst mode - the software will continuously click pictures of your entire desktop screen or a particular application at regular intervals and save them to your hard drive.

It can then play your entire computer activity as a movie to help you understand how you spent time on the computer. Think of SnapLogger as a video version of Thumbstrips which is only available for Firefox.

Like keyloggers, software like SnapLogger can be used to serve both good and an evil purpose so let's focus on the good side. For instance, you can automatically create a GIF animated movie of Google Earth by setting up a time interval of 1 second.

SnapLogger can come in very handy when you are sharing your screen for tech support or a group meeting. Every action of the third-party is captured on the desktop and you know exactly what they did to fix your computer.

They also have filters to help you disable capturing when particle software programs are active (or vice-versa). Available at