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Play Classic DOS Games in Windows

Mario Brothers, Prince of Persia, DOOM, Duke Nukem, Aladdin, Jazz Jackrabbit, Wolfenstein 3D.. remember those classic game titles of the DOS era that were so entertaining, yet small enough to fit in your 1.44" floppy disks.

Though most of these legacy games are freely available for download on the web (google "download classic dos games", you may have some trouble playing the games using the DOS command prompt of Windows XP or Vista since the games were originally written for DOS environment of the 90's (, not the new Windows command prompt (

There's however an easy workaround. If you ever wanted to play these old favorites without downgrading to DOS, Windows 3.1 or a 486 machine - just get the free DOSBox program from Sourceforge, it's like the classic MS-DOS engine that's available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

See detailed guide: How to Play Old DOS Games in Windows

You can either play the game inside a Window or switch to full-screen mode by pressing the Alt+Enter key. And DOSBox also supports sound effects of the classic DOS games. The good old days are back again.