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Nokia Has a New Audio, Video & Picture Sharing Website - Twango

Twango (first impression - excellent) is a YouTube style file sharing service that's not just limited to video - you can use Twango to share virtually any file format including pictures, audio MP3s, Office documents, PDFs and even ZIPs.

twango-nokia video sharing

The good news is that Nokia, the company that manufactures mobile phones multimedia computers, has acquired Twango.

Nokia devices like the N-series are popular for capturing user generated content (pictures, podcasts, videos), Twango would now make it more easy for Nokia users to share these different types of media files at a central place. Plus Twango automatically generates RSS feeds of your public media.

Though Twango will continue to be available to all web users (even those who don't own a Nokia), you can expect the upcoming Nokia models to have tight integration with Twango.

Twango is currently free but there are hints that a paid version may be in the works that would offer more upload bandwidth. Overall, an excellent acquisition by Nokia that's sure to become popular among the Nokia users for ease-of-use and features. [Thanks Michele Mehl of Twango]