LiveSearch from Yahoo! Better Than Google Suggest for SEO

AllTheWeb LiveSearch is a smart search service from Yahoo! that saves you a few clicks and shows relevant search results while you are still typing the query. There's no need to press the "Enter" key for executing the search query.

For every keyword that you type in the search box, LiveSearch will show (in real-time) related queries and spelling suggestions which may be very useful information from the SEO perspective.

apple iphone queries seo

For instance, type "iphone" and you'll immediately know that people on the web are searching for iPhone prices, reviews, accessories, launch date, unlocking iPhone, troubleshooting iPhone problems and places/stores where they buy the iPhone - this is so useful information especially when you have a blog website that covers all things about the iPhone.

While Google Suggest can also show similar information, there are two advantages with Livesearch. First, LiveSearch displays search results without you having to leave the current view so the suggestions are not lost even while you navigate the search results.

The second advantage is that while Google Suggest will only show alternative spellings that begin with the letters you already typed, LiveSearch suggestions may also include queries where the word you just typed could be anywhere. For our iPhone example, LiveSearch suggested phrases like "apple iphone" and "buy iphone" whereas all the phrases recommended by Google Suggest began with the word iPhone.

AllTheWeb LiveSearch | Google Suggest [Thank Nirav Bhaskar]