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Internet Typewriter - Write Distraction-Free in your Browser

WriteRoom is a popular writing software that provides a full screen writing environment so you can write or blog without any visual distractions. All you see on the computer screen is plain green text (that you have typed) on black background, there are no icons, tool bars or menu bars to distract your attention.

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Inspired by WriteRoom, John Watson has created an online version of WriteRoom that works solely inside the web browser - cross platform and requires no downloads or installation. Just write.

Press the F11 key to enter the full screen mode and start typing. Internet Typewriter will auto-save your work every few minutes. The font settings, colors and line-heights can be customized from the Preferences.

Update: You can also use Google Docs for distraction free writing.

There's a neat option to publish the text to your blog without leaving the Writer interface. Or you can save that as a text file to your hard drive. [Internet Typewriter]