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Goodbye Tangled Cables, Wrap the iPod Earphone Cord Neatly

How do you keep the headphone cables when not listening to the iPod? If you are not wrapping them carefully, you may be wasting time untangling the headphones before you plug them in the iPod, iPhone or other MP3 players.

The following videos show simple methods to help you neatly wrap the headphone cable of your iPod and prevent the wires from getting twisted and tangled.

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While wrapping the iPod cables is no rocket-science, the good part about the knots shown in these videos is that unwrapping becomes as smooth and simple as wrapping the wires.

Method 1: How to neatly wrap ipod earbud and headphones without ties. [Quick, simple and efficient]

Method 2: The Famous MP3 Player knot [tricks shows iPod Nano but should work across all MP3 players]

Method 3: iPod headphone cord wrapping, done in the "knit" style often used for long electrical cords. [Takes slightly more time than the previous examples]