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DNS Settings for Hosting Web Domains Bought via Google Apps

Back in December, Google partnered with domain registrars like eNom and GoDaddy to offer web domain names and Google Apps combo for $10 per year.

While Google Apps offers free email, calendar, spreadsheet and a word-processor, you probably have to buy third-party hosting from companies like MediaTemple or Dreamhost to setup professional websites and blogs on domains purchased through Google Apps - Google Page Creator is just too limited.

You then have to modify the DNS settings so that your web domain points to the domain nameservers of your domain host that provide the website hosting service - this is one area where you're likely to face issues.

That's because if you have purchased a domain through eNom, the "Advanced DNS Setting" will be missing from your Google Apps control panel. You'll have to visit the site at using your domain name as the login, and your domain password as the password. 

Alternatively, you can directly send an email to eNom support for Google Apps at - they respond pretty fast.

For GoDaddy, the DNS settings for Google Apps can be configured at - This isn't documented anywhere in the Google Apps support website though it's one of the most frequently asked question in the Google Apps group.

The same URLs should also work if you want to transfer domains from one registrar to another or move your site to another hosting company. Google need not be involved in the transfer process though you'll also have to reconfigure the MX record with your new host.

This applies to Google Apps standard as well as Premier edition.

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