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Deliver Live PowerPoint Presentations Online with SlideAware

Slideaware is a web-based service to help you publish and deliver PowerPoint presentations on the web.

You can upload your PPT files online by either using the SlideAware Add-In for PowerPoint or through web based uploader which was launched just yesterday specifically for Office 2007 users.

deliver live ppt presentations

Unlike SlideShare or Zoho Show which are more popular for viewing static presentations, Slideaware allows you to deliver live presentations to remote team members over the web very similar to any web conferencing application.

The attendees can add their feedback to your PowerPoint slides in the form of sticky notes which you can actually import back into PowerPoint - so it's a two way communication and feedback isn't lost when the session ends.

The presentations can be resized for embedding in web pages and wikis. The auto-play option lets you define a time interval between two slides.

embed ppt

There's another very powerful feature in Slideaware - statistics and graphs. You will know who viewed your Presentation, when they viewed it and how long they spent on each slide. This slide level metrics is far more useful for analyzing the usefulness of your content.

The free plan of SlideAware allows you to upload upto 50 presentations online. Other facilities like live Slideshows and viewing metrics remain free until the next month. Give it a try. | Video Tutorial | Plans | Developer Blog

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