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Create Timelines With Your Photos and Videos

AOL today launched an extremely cool web-based timeline maker software called circaVie that helps you define and build interactive timelines to represent events with pictures, videos and text captions.

Your friends can click on the individual pictures to learn more about the event. There's a horizontal scroller to help them easily navigate the timelines. Or they can manually type the date to jump to a specific section of the timeline.

To create your personal picture timeline with circaVie, all you need are a bunch of photographs related to the event - you upload each of the picture to the timeline, provide a text caption (optional) and the date when the event happened. That's it.

You can also link events on the timeline to external webpages and related videos to add more context to the events - for instance, you can generate timelines for biographies, iPod Video Ads, Harry Potter Book releases, History of Internet, Pregnancy Timeline, Web browser releases,  and so on.

Since these photo timelines are done in Flash, they can be easily embedded in websites, blogs and wikis. A good visualization tool for educators, historians and everyone else.

Update: AOL has dropped the service.