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Copy Videos from YouTube to Google Video Directly (or vice-versa)

Yesterday we shared a utility to migrate your photos from one photo sharing site to another via the hard-drive.

Imagine a similar service for internet video sharing sites (like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, etc) that lets you to copy videos (any video) from one site to another but without downloading the videos to the hard-drive. [so it works even if you are on a very slow dial-up connection]

transfer from youtube to google video

Hey!Spread today launched a new feature today that allows you to cross-post videos to that are already on the web - you could always do this by uploading videos from the hard-drive but this new method is about cross-posting videos that are already online.

In a nutshell, if you have clip of YouTube that you want to transfer to your MySpace, Google Video or DailyMotion account, you can do so easily with Hey!Spread. You just need the URL of the YouTube video and Hey!Spread will "spread" the video wherever you like. [supports google video, dailymotion, youtube, myspace, etc]

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