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Yahoo! Celebrity Gossip Site Goes Live, Watch Out Perez Hilton!

"A very pregnant Pretty Woman", "Recovering Lindsay Works Out Her Issues", "Hot Hollywood Beach Bods" - these are the kind of juicy headlines that you are likely to find on most hollywood gossip and celebrity rumor blogs.

[No wonder, sites like Perez Hilton or draw the maximum traffic.]

But here's a small difference though - these are titles from the front page of Yahoo! OMG, the new Hollywood-centric web portal from Yahoo! with celebrity gossip news, pictures and video sourced from Associated Press, Access Hollywood and X17.

yahoo ohmygod celebrity portal

It's surprising that Aishwarya Rai, bollywood star from India, also figures in list of hollywood celebrities. Maybe Yahoo! has some plans to introduce an Indian version of Yahoo! OMG and this could be a dry run.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! OMG offers no RSS feeds for any of the content.

Coincidentally, Yahoo!'s partner X17 is the same agency that sued Perez Hilton blog for using copyrighted work. The competition is getting hot.

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