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Submit Multiple URLs to Bookmarks as a Batch Bookmark Multiple WebsitesImagine you have hundreds (or even thousands) of webpage URLs that you want to upload to your account. How would do this bulk submit when the delicious system allows you to bookmark web pages one at a time ?

There are some very genuine reasons for submitting bookmarks in bulk - for instance, bloggers can put all their blog posts onto to know which posts are most popular among delicious users and what kind of tags / text notes are users attaching to their posts. It's like a good visual analysis of your blog site.

Now let's see how to enter multiple URL's inside database in one go.

Assuming that you have all the URLs and the associate page titles, create a new text document in the following format:

<!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1>
    <DT><A HREF="">Page Title A</A>
    <DT><A HREF="">Page Title B</A>

    <DT><A HREF="">Page Title Z</A>

Save this as a text file - It is fairly easy to create the file if you know any shell scripting language (like Perl) or just use the Concatenate function inside Microsoft Excel.

Now open the delicious homepage and go to settings » import / upload. Browse and select the above file, choose "Yes, Import Popular tags" and finally click the upload button.

The upload status page will reload once every minute. A success message will appear when the job is complete. If you are importing a large number of bookmarks (say more that 200), you can safely close the status page and check later as importing will take some time to complete.

These imported bookmarks will be marked as private by default meaning others won't see them in your account.

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