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Search Flickr Photos & Download them in a Batch

Flickr provides an excellent picture search engine but the question is - what do you with images that appear in Flickr picture search results ?

Enter FlickrStorm Photo search, an online Flickr search tool packed with some extremely useful features that also has the answer to the previous question.

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When you perform a search on FlickrStorm, pictures appearing in the search results can be added (via drag-n-drop) to a virtual picture tray (similar to Picasa desktop software).

Every picture tray has a unique public URL that you can share on blogs or over email. If you want to save all the selected Flickr photos offline, open the URL and use the File->Save As command of the browser - all pictures will download to your hard disk in one go.

FlickrStorm also maintains a history of pictures that you have clicked on while navigating the search results - no more clicking the back and forward button on the web browser - everything is there in the history bar.

Flickr Storm - Search on Flickr with some Magic

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