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Search Engine Optimization Tips from Google Search Evangelist

Adam Lasnik share some basic but useful SEO tips with WSJ on how businesses can improve their website rankings in search engines. [You many know Adam from the Google Webmaster Central blog]

The video is around 3 minutes but if you don't have the headphone, here's a quick text recap:

1. Use Descriptive Title Tags - they are more likely to appear higher in the search results plus they have a high probability of getting clicked. [The Title that Adam suggested had close to 10 words]

2. Meta tags, which contain the description and keywords, are also very important for good rankings. This kind of contradicts our previous understanding.

3. Meta Descriptions are also essential since they show up right beneath the page title in Google Search pages. Be patient once you apply Title Tags and Meta Description tags.

4. Link Building - If you are a new website facing the Google Sandbox effect, get a link from some trusted site in your niche or product area and that automatically boosts the confidence of Google in your new site.

5. Use Google Webmaster Console - another very useful tool for site owners. via