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Practice and Learn Keyboard Shortcuts with Keyboard Jedi

We all agree that keyboard shortcuts (like the Ctrl+C for Copy) speed up our computing experience but how do we memorize or master the various key combinations when software program (like Firefox, IE, iTunes, Word, Windows) has their own set of keys.

keyboard jedit If you also need help learning keyboard shortcuts for any Windows application, a free utility called Keyboard Jedi can come in very handy.

No, this software is not any visual overlay or a diagram of keyboard shortcuts but something entirely different - it puts you in a situation where you have no option but to learn the shortcuts in order to complete your task - just like the strict teacher in the school.

Start any application and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12. Keyjedi will disable your mouse only for that application. Whatever shortcuts you type will appear in a small transparent window.

The purpose is to this mouseless mode to force yourself to learn keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse. Press ctrl-alt-shift-f12 again to regain mouse control.

Roy Osherove [Developer of Keyboard Jedi]