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Orkut now a Feed Reader; RSS Acceptance Will Grow

Google had added basic feed reading capabilities inside Orkut. You can type in the RSS feed address and read the posts without leaving Orkut.

rss orkut

Your favorite RSS feeds will show up in your profile and hence other Orkut friends can easily subscribe to your reading list.

Orkut has a huge base and this could be another big step in introducing RSS to the masses - people who have never heard of "feeds" will be curious to learn about the technology when they see a "feeds" link on their profile pages. Anand has a similar opinion.

Orkut feed reader may also serve as a cache when the original post is deleted by the blogger. Here's what the Orkut Feeds Help says:

If you Once a feed has been crawled, the content cannot be deleted from orkut. For example, last week you wrote a blog post that was crawled by orkut's feed reader and appeared in your profile. If you delete the post today, it will still show up as part of your orkut feed.

Facebook also has a similar RSSBook application.

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