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Know What Your Favorite Blogs Have Written About a Web Page

Long ago, Google released the Web Comments extension that shows which blog posts are linking to a web page that we are currently reading in Firefox - an extremely neat idea but not always helpful because it shows only the latest posts linking to the current web page - there's no option to sort results by blog authority or to filter spam blogs.

Imagine if you were able to instruct Blogger Web Comments to show commentary only from certain blogs / bloggers that you trust - that's where BlogRovR comes into the picture. You can think of BlogRovR as a far more useful and customizable version of Google Web Comments - both are Firefox add-ons and help you track incoming links but the former gives more flexibility and spam-free results guaranteed.

incoming links

When you install BlogRovR, it is pre-configured with a bundle of most popular blog feeds (like GigaOm, Mashable, TechCrunch, Scobleizer, etc) - you may edit this list and include your personal favorite blogs individually or just import your entire reading list into BlogRovR through the OPML route.

Now when you visit some web page, BlogRovR will show you (in an unobtrusive auto-slide box) summaries from your favorite bloggers that are linking to the current web page and what tags they have used.

Another excellent feature - you can even read the full blog posts of your favorite blogger in-place without visiting his / her blog site - BlogRovR will show the blog post as a Sticky note over the current page itself.

The BlogRovR extension is so good that Mozilla guys have made it an officially recommended Firefox extension. Give it a try, you'll love it more than Blogger Web Comments. | Developer Blog | Mozilla Add-ons