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Get Your Blog Linked on BoingBoing - An Alternate Way

how to get on boingboingUnless you have written something very unusual like waterproof iPod speakers, schizophrenia virtual simulation or a bluetooth motorcycle helmet, it is extremely tough to get your article linked on the directory of wonderful things (aka Boing Boing blog).

But don't loose heart if BoingBoing editors aren't linking to your posts - you can now create Boing Boing posts yourself with this post generator developed by graphics designer Katie Sekelsky.

Stuff in a few words and your BoingBoing Story is ready. See the screenshot.

It's such an innovative idea that Xeni Jardin mentioned it on BoingBoing. And here's a fictional story created using the BoingBoing post generator with some editing:

The free WiFi in downtown New York is now blocking Digital Inspiration, following suit with what happened in Boston just last week. I was in the city just last week, for a signing of my new book, Overclocked, and predicted that this would be the next step that city officials would take, especially after the popular technology blog posted pictures of a love that resembles iPhone, as well as links to iPhone skins.

As everything on the website is Creative Commons licenced, I urge all of you living in or near the city to print and post as much of the site's content around as possible, from the church to museum. However, when you're out in the city, beware the roaming cameras of Google Street View Maps.