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Fix Fonts Issues in Safari for Windows

If you are running Safari 3 on Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista, you may have noticed that the fonts on the application menu bar, contextual menus and certain web pages are not displayed properly.

The Windows fonts are sometimes replaced by random characters and numbers. The problem occurs due to the Lucida Grande font that ships with the Safari installer - it probably conflicts with your existing copy of Lucida Grande font for Windows.

Here's an easy fix for font issue:

  • Open the Safari 3 installation folder (C:\Program Files\Safari)
  • Double click the "Safari.resources" folder. You will see have two font files - Lucida Grande Bold.ttf and Lucida Grande.ttf.1.
  • Either rename the files with some different extension or delete them completely from your system.

Restart Safari - everything should look perfect now. No greek or strange characters anymore in the UI.

Update: If the above trick doesn't solve your font display problems in Safari, here's another workaround that works for sure.