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Save Web Pictures with Firefox in Different Folders Automatically

If you wish to save a picture from some web page onto your hard drive, you generally right-click that image, browse to the local folder where you want to store the picture and click save.

Firefox, by default, will always show the last selected folder in the "Save Image As" dialog.

This is fine as long as you dump all images downloaded from the internet to a single folder but the problem occurs when you are more organized and like to arrange pictures in logical folders (like pets, wallpapers, screenshots, etc)

save images in firefox

That's when the "Save Image in Folder" extension comes in handy - This extension helps you to quickly save images into different folders without having to click through your folder structure again and again.

The standard Save Image dialog can be suppressed and the image downloads happen in the background. You may also add date-prefix to the file name or define any custom filenames that will auto-increment with each new download.

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