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Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Leaves the Building

Techmeme will probably remain silent today as bloggers have just found a new reason to stay away from blogs - the addictive and much awaited new version of Desktop Tower Defense Flash game has finally rolled out

Go waste your time play the game at

download desktop tower game screenshot 

For those new to the DTD game, here's how Rafe at CNet describes it:

Our desk is under attack by invaders coming from both land and air. Your only solution? Defend it at all costs, using tiny turrets. Fight off waves and waves of attackers that get more challenging with each onslaught. Use your victory winnings to fortify and buy more defensive units. Losing this battle means losing your humanity.

No wonder, DTD won the top honors at Webware. And you can't download Desktop Tower Defense offline - the Flash swf file requires an active net connection.