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Capture Web Page Screenshots in Safari Quickly

Do you know that Apple Safari browser has an in-built screen capture feature - it's not for taking snapshots of wide or long scrolling web pages but a perfect tool for grabbing the visible portions of the web page as an image (very similar to Print Screen key with auto-save).

Apple never told you about their secret screen capture tool because they use it for getting bug reports from Safari Users.

Goto Help, Report Bugs to Apple and select "Send screen shot of current web page" - As you press submit, the screenshot will be automatically saved in the temp folder of your computer (like C:\temp) as a BMP image file (Safxxx.bmp)

You can even manually type the URL of the website that you want to save as an image.

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Important: If you are worried about privacy, don't use this feature since the data is also sent to Apple. [May help when you are in a cyber cafe where the computer has no application other than the web browser]

More Web Page Screen capture tools for Firefox and Internet Explorer.