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Adsense Publishers Report Massive Dip in Earnings and CTR

frustrated adsense publisher Google's decision to shut down Made-for-Adsense websites and Adsense Arbitragers could be affecting the earnings of regular Adsense publishers.

Several members of Adsense forums at WebMasterWorld and DigitalPoint have reported significant drop in CPM and CTR values in the current month (June 2007).

Here are some Adsense CPM / CTR figures reported by members in the discussions:

1. Page views with Adsense: unchanged, EPC: down 25%, CTR: down 15%, Revenue: significantly down.

2. EPC down about 20% from last month.

3. I've gone into a freefall today. Epc down by 80% across a variety of sites and topics.

4. I'm beginning to think there has been a new flawed algorithm added with good intentions, but bad results, that is doing this and is causing a lot of advertisers earnings to fall.

5. Clicks, traffic remains the same. but the revenues are going down about %50-60

6. June - Down 50%

7. CTR is down 40%. Net result is less money.

8. At the moment we are looking at our stats, shaking our heads and asking 'what have we done to deserve this?'

9. I'm having a 40% reduction in eCPM

10. We are now down over 60% from ANY month last year, so tomorrow it will be adios to G.

11. My traffic and CPC are basically the same, yet Adsense earnings are still down by about 45%

12. The clicks that used to be over 2.00 dropped to 0.03. So strange and frustrating.

13. Same amount of clicks but I've got from about $5.00 a day to about $0.50

Full discussion threads available at Adsense Nosedive and Adsense Freefall.

Smart pricing could be one of the reasons behind this free-fall but it could also be attributed to some algorithm changes at Adsense. Or does it have anything to do with eBay suspending their Adsense campaigns ? [Picture: wiseacre]